Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rabbid Rabbids Bento

The first half of this bento was quite easy as all it required was some chili in the "lower" section and some delicious bitter melon and tofu stirfry. From then on it was a bit difficult because my brown/white rice mix, beet "fur" and tomato plunger kept slipping off. Don't even get me started on those ears and eyes! But I think it came out realy well and cute - I added sushi rice and put the onigiri Rabbid in the middle of the two foods on purpose to make it look even better. 

What's your favorite videogame?

Rabbid Rabbids Bento Ingredients:
Bean Chili
Bitter Melon and Tofu Stirfry
Spaghetti (to connect plunger pieces)
Carrot Handle
Brown and White Rice Onigiri
Rice Cheese
Beet Slices

I hope that you guys like it!


  1. Heehee this rabbit is cute one! My favorite video game? I don't play much but does Angry Bird count? =D

    1. Thanks Nami! And I would say that they most definitely count. ^^


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